The brand new Woodboard TRASH – The ultimative Freestyle & Wakestyle kiteboard!

The brand new Woodboard TRASH – The ultimative Freestyle & Wakestyle kiteboard!

Woodboard Trash Freestyle Wakestyle Kiteboard


Compared to the previous model from 2020, the 2021 model is a little harder in the overall setting, a tad heavier (138 -> 3000g, 143 -> 3100g) which gives the rider a little more orientation in aviation, and with a significantly faster impulse response.

The three-dimensional wooden core is reinforced with beech wood in the middle of the board, and the tried and tested Quadrax glass fiber fabric is used as the scrim material. The WOODBOARD TRASH has unbelievable pop due to the deep channels and the fast impulse response and lands soft and directionally stable. The double concave does a great job here, even shitty landings are easy.

The Trash 2021 is available in lengths of 138 x 41 and 143 x 42, the 133 x 40 is still available in the old design.


On the picture you can see how the board offers resistance to the water when jumping, whereby a maximum of energy can be converted into height. The arrangement of the channels was optimized with the help of the flow simulation.

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Woodboard Trash Freestyle Wakestyle Kiteboard


The Trash is the perfect kiteboard for unhooked freestyle and wakestyle, also really suitable for hooked freestyle. You can rely on it while doing a handlepass as well as a megaloop. Use boots or common straps, it is up to you.

The board has the grip and pop you need for your freestyle tricks! The multichannel on the tip guarantees maximum resistance at the point of take-off, and prevents loss of strength due to slipping or flexing. The hard overall characteristics effectively convert the speed into air, while the double concave breaks through the surface tension during impact and ensures a pleasant and controlled landing. 

Also it is equipped with an extra hard and abrasion-resistant running base for fun on the slider or kicker!

What our riders say about the Trash:

What I love about the new Trash? Actually everything. It looks better than the old one, it is stiffer so the response during the takeoff is much better. I can rely on what I feel before the jump and I know, even if I mess up, the landing will be still soft and controlled. This is important for me, there is no progress if you are afraid of something, you can even get hurt!

Bibiana Magaji

I lile to mix it up – handlepasses, big air or just a normal board off. For all this applications the WOODBOARD TRASH is my first choice for a good session.

Lucas Pisoni

I’ve never had such a good board under my feet as the WOODBOARD TRASH. It’s just amazing! Thanks to the designer!

Michaela Lang

I like the high rocker line combined with the double concave on the bottom ! This makes the Trash so unique. I can always rely on this setup and gain confidence to land my tricks, even in the stronger winds.  

Niklas Ramirez

I am really into the chop-eating freestyler, great feeling to be able to correct (almost) all landings after the explosive pop. All day riding and fat downwinders are honestly always a joy – thank you knees!

David Trost

Have a look on our TRASH video:

Some impressions from our workshop: