Woodboard Aktaia

The strapless kiteboard for freeride, freestyle and small to medium waves.

The Woodboard Aktaia is the board of choice, if you love strapless freeriding, small waves and freestyle. No matter if you are a strapless beginner or already a master, the Aktaia will put you a smile on your face. The high quality look, the extraordinary haptic experience and the superlight weight will identify you as a cognoscente.

Due to the sophistic underwater shape, the Aktaia can handle low end conditions as well as a wide range of rider weight. Though, the Aktaia is a strapless freeride/freestyle board, its perfect for chilled freeride sessions and of course any air style. The Aktaia offers lots of fun in small to medium waves.


The new standard in strapless kitesurfing

As we got the first prototypes out of the press, the WOODBOARD AKTAIA was with 2,3 kilos one of the 2 lightest strapless surfboards/kiteboards on this planet. Later, for the serial production, we added around a kilo, to run more stable in the chop and not blown away in freestyle tricks.

With a length of 4,8 foot, the WOODBOARD AKTAIA fits in a 150cm kite bag. With a volume of 15 liters and the extra buoyancy of the Bernoulli law (Venturi-effect) due to the constricting channels, the WOODBOARD AKTAIA provides an exceptional low end and a loose feeling on the legs. The volume of 15 liters allows it to run smoothly through the chop and not bumpy on top. With the grip channels on the side the WOODBOARD AKTAIA can handle any air style move. The all-round ultra-resistant sidewall protects the WOODBOARD AKTAIA from side impacts.

The WOODBOARD AKTAIA is the new standard in strapless kitesurfing.


The concept

The concept of the WOODBOARD AKTAIA is to develop a light and almost unbreakable strapless freeride and freestyle board, that makes fun in small to medium waves, fits in a kite bag, for less than 900 €.

It quickly became clear that this would not be possible with conventional technology and familiar shapes. And that was the challenge for the WOODBOARD engineers, who, due to their knowledge and experience, are not afraid to leave the beaten path and develop innovative solutions.


The solution

Using the empirical knowledge of high tech board shaping, the know-how of modern flow dynamic, including the secrets of the Bernoulli law, the WOODBOARD engineers developed a strapless kiteboard in a length of 4,8 foot and a volume of 15 liters. A pronounced double concave and two constricting channels, separated by a keel in longitudinal direction. The stable core material, the carbon texture, as well as the all-round ABS sidewall makes the board insensitive to impacts. Three G10 thruster fins and a proven EVA grip deck on the upper side complete the solution.


The technology behind

The WOODBOARD engineers choose a three dimensional milled, vertex pressure stable airex core, processed and pressed in a heated mold with proven carbon layers. This composition provides the ultra-light weight combined with a maximum of durability. The board is almost unbreakable in water. This technology is widely used in aviation industry, because of the low weight and the high resistance.


One size fits all

According to the Bernoulli law, the constricting channels create an extra buoyancy (Venturi-effect). Small rider weight gains little extra buoyancy, the board size fits by it self. High rider weight gains higher extra buoyancy. This effect is used when foiling and makes planes fly. And a full packed plane does not need bigger wings than an empty one. This hydrodynamic principal is used and proven in the WOODBOARD CRBN 138, which is known to be one of the best kiteboards ever shaped. And it´s used by multiple riders from way more than 100 kilos.

We are sure that the Aktaia will fit for you! Check it out here


Social responsibility

The WOODBOARD AKTAIA is designed, constructed, manufactured and finished in the European Union, by masters of their craft, according to the labor law conditions of the European Union, including the rules of occupational health and safety. No harmful substances are emitted in the manufacturing process.

As the board is almost unbreakable, the windy beaches will not be contaminated with parts of broken boards.


The reference to the Greek mythology

The Name AKTAIA is inspired by the Greek mythology, where Nereid Aktaia is one of the 50 sea nymphs. she is said to have blonde hair and green eyes. She is described by ancient authors as beautiful and seductive and – like all Nereids – she usually wears white silk robes. Her head is crowned with red coral.

Aktaia is the goddess of gentle, friendly seas and beaches, so she lives close to people and is kind to them.

Nereids are the nymphs of the sea who protect shipwrecked people, save the lives of fishermen and divers and entertained sailors with games.  Like her sisters, she loved singing and dancing. The Nereids enjoyed spending their time swimming, playing and dancing with dolphins.

In historic artworks she was often painted with a mermaid fin surrounded by dolphins.

The design of the Woodboard AKTAIA is influenced by the historic paintings of the Greek mythology, where Aktaia was frequently painted on the beach, with dolphins around, and sometimes with a mermaid fin instead of legs.

The colours are connected to the sea. The blue with a light turquoise cast represents the habitat of Aktaia, the light grey – almost a white – is connected to the white water of the braking waves.

If you want to find out more about the Aktaia and the Greek mythology, we highly recommend you this Blog.