Airstyle and Big Air Kiteboard for advanced riders!


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Airstyle and Big Air Kiteboard for advanced riders!

  • Double concave
  • Soft landings
  • Direction-stable
  • Incredible upwind performance
  • Best low-end
  • Highly responsive edge
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The Woodboard CRBN is still one of the best kiteboards ever shaped. The new CRBN LITORAL has nearly the same shape, but we replaced the single concave with a double concave. That provides soft and direction-stable landings, an important asset in airstyle and big air. We kept the loose feeling, the incredible upwind and low-end as well as the highly responsive edge.

The CRBN LITORAL invites you to bold hooked moves, high in the air.


Full-3D 100% carbon construction with a woodcore made of Paulownia and beech with an arcuate channel on both sides and additional double concave.

The fins are made of 3G material with a lateral height of 4.5 cm, attached via a single screw mounting system for good flex distribution up to the tip.

Rocker: medium continuous rocker

Flex: 8/10 medium

Size (cm)         Weight (kg)

133 x 40,7       2,42

135 x 41          2,46

138 x 42          2,50


  • Kiteboard Woodboard CRBN LITORAL
  • 4 pcs fins including single screw mounting system



  • Beginner, School
  • Freeride
  • Advanced Freeride
  • Freestyle, Wakestyle
  • Airstyle, Big Air
  • Wave

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What our clients say

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