All-Purpose Freeride Board – Twintip Kiteboard

Full-3D wood core construction with triaxial glass fabric. Arcuate channel on both sides and additional simple concave.
As a low resistance board, the CHAME starts fast on the low end and offers excellent upwind performance. The board has a pronounced straight run and responds promptly and defined to steering pulses. The present and responsive edge turns the load & pop into a walkover. The triaxial fabric provides smooth and stable landings.
Fins of 3G material, lateral height 4,5 cm, single screw mounting system for flex distribution up to the tip.

Application: Freeride, old-school, airstyle, big air, unhook beginners

Delivery: Board only, 4 pcs fins incl. singe mount system

Please be aware to order the Component Set (pads, straps, grabhandle) separately if needed!

Dimensions: 141 x 42

3D View