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Trash 133 – used kiteboard

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The ultimative Freestyle and Wakestyle weapon for unhooked fans.

The Trash gives you the right grip and massive pop for your freestyle tricks! The multichannel at the tip guarantees maximum resistance at the jump point, no loss of force due to slipping or flex. The hard overall characteristic of the Trash is responsible for an effective conversion of speed into air, while the double concave breaks the surface tension at the impact and grants you a soft and controlled landing. The extra hard and abrasion resistant running base lets you enjoy riding over a kicker or a slider.


The Trash is the perfect kiteboard for unhooked freestyle and wakestyle, also really suitable for hooked freestyle. You can rely on it while doing a handlepass as well as a megaloop. Use boots or common straps, it is up to you.


Full-3D glass fiber and carbon construction made of a paulownia and beech wood core with multichannels and a double concave.

A series of inserts is reinforced for boots, a second series inserts for the use of straps.

The fins are made of 3G material with a lateral height of 2 cm, attached via a triple screw mounting system for more durability on the kicker or slider.


  • Kiteboard Woodboard Trash
  • 4 pcs fins incl. triple screw mounting system

Kiteboard size: 133 x 40

Weight: 2,6 kg

Rocker: high continuous rocker

Flex: 8/10 - hard


Special Offer

We offer this kiteboard for a special price, as it is already used. For the last season this board swapped around different locations as a testboard. A bunch of people had the chance to give it a try. Many young guns got convinced by the ride and are rocking the Trash 133 on the water now.


The small size of 133 will fit perfect for young talents, light riders and ambitious girls who want to push their limit on the water. It is a good size to have as soon as the stronger winds arrive and as the wakestyle board has perfect characteristics for the cable park you won´t be disappointed on the no-wind days.

The high rockerline combined with the deep channels system on the bottom of the board will make you land nearly all tricks, no matter how big you go.

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