This is really a goodboard!

surfboard – used strapless 5’0″

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We offer a 5´0“ model of our surfboard series, which might be the last one of this kind available. New models will no longer be produced. This is your chance to grab a ca. 4 year old, used Board. On the bottom is repaired professionally with a visible glass fiber patch.

The board is 100% made of Paolina Wood. The outside is covered with Entropy Epoxy Resin. An alternative from the Amazonas to the classic Epoxy Chemical. Due to our ecological responsibility, this project of building a Surfboard without the traditional approach was very interesting for us. The project was a success, as we are riding these boards now.

The board has a hollow core to reduce the weigh to about 4 kg. The hollow chamber is supported by wooden stripes in octagon shape to deliver a certain amount of stability. A classic Thruster FCS Fin Setup gives you all the options for your fin choice. The still modern No-Nose-Shape combined with the Rounded-Square-Tip delivers fun on your first Freestyle moves, as well as in smaller waves. A Single Concave on the bottom offers low resistance and an easy ride.

Fins included!

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