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Strapless Twintip Kiteboard

The combination of the Beam 143 and the Mutant Deck Grip provides unlimited strapless fun in flat water, chop and waves. If you are tired of being limited by your foot straps, the Mutant Beam is definitely the right choice. With a volume of 12 liters it runs steady, starts on the very low end thanks to a low resistance in the water which allows early planing, additionally it offers the ability of bidirectional use.

Due to the solid wood core construction we give a lifetime guarantee for breakage!


The Board has a 3D glass fiber construction with paulownia wood core and single concave.

The fins are made of 3G material with a lateral height of 4.5 cm, attached via a single screw mounting system for good flex distribution up to the tip.


  • Kiteboard Woodboard Mutant Beam
  • EVA Deck Grip Pad
  • 4 pcs fins incl. single screw mounting system

Kiteboard size: 143 x 43 cm

Weight: 2,7 kg

Rocker: low continuous rocker

Flex: 4/10 - soft

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