World’s first BIG AIR board.


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The Sky is the Limit.


749   incl. 20% VAT

Big Air – Twintip Kiteboard

Full 3D glass fiber / volcano-basalt construction, made out of paulownia / beech wood core with multichannels on the tips and double concave that erects to the longitudinal axes.

The extraordinary dynamic of the volcano basalt and the special shape provides a better big air performance and up to 20% more height with the same jumping technique.

The “keel” on the bottom guarantees soft landings and directional stability, the weight of 3,3 kilograms reveals the direction of gravity to the rider in all flight-attitudes and the kiteboard will not get “blown away” in stronger winds.

A series of inserts reinforced for boots, a second series inserts for the use of straps.

Application: Big Air

Delivery: Board only, 4 pcs fins incl. single mount system

Please be aware to order the Component Set (pads, straps, grabhandle) separately if needed!

Dimensions: 137x42 / 3,0 kilos

3D View