Started as a small kiteboard manufactory, Woodboard is producing premium quality kiteboards with a unique performance. Our background is an engineering office, providing an engineering lead and creating this extraordinary performance and riding skills of our kiteboards.

We produce everything locally!

Woodboard strictly chooses to make kiteboards with components manufactured in the EU. From the raw materials to the design to the finish, everything is made within a 150 km radius from our base.

Our manufactory is growing and meanwhile you can see our boards on the best known spots of the world.

Therefore, we are looking for dedicated and committed kitesurfers around the globe to join the GLOBAL AMBASSADOR CALL 2021! People willing to represent our brand on the beach and in social media, with their attitude and personality. Doesn´t matter if you are “just” a kitesurfer, a pro rider, a school or shop owner. We are heading for a great friendship!


Why you shouldn´t miss this chance?

✖️ You can be part of the amazing Woodboardfamily!

✖️ Get the opportunity for cooperation and interesting partnerships!

✖️ Expect some really nice deals on your equipment!

✖️ And because of a few other cool things we´ll keep secret for now 😜


You don´t have to be a PRO rider!

If you think you could become a great ambassador, convince us! Send us an email with all the interesting things you think we should know about you, feel free to add what you would like to do for us! Click to send a mail!


Our target is, like in any partnership, a benefit for both of us. Please don´t expect gifts only because you are the WOO leaderboard king at your spot. Apply if you are willing to spread the experience of riding outstanding boards in addition with other profits!


“Every single one of us is connected by a special way of life with an exceptional attitude. With passion and commitment, we are fully focused on what we are doing.”



We are Woodboardfamily! Join us!

The Faces Behind

The Faces behind Woodboard Kitesurfing, the Team

The Ambassadors

Woodboard Kitesurfing Global Ambasssador Call

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